Foundations In Art (Studio Art) This course provides a broad overview of Art as a Visual Language throughout history, and allows the student to become adept at both self-expression through the Arts and at the analysis and understanding of great works of art, past and present. The course is a blend of hands-on work with art materials and study/discussion of the concepts involved in the Visual Arts. Regular sketchbook assignments and some other work such as internet research must be completed outside of class.

Drawing and Painting As the title states, this class focuses on the most basic elements of visual communication, and 95% of our work involves “Drawing or Painting from Life”--that is, drawing subjects that you are looking at in the real world. This forms the basis for all other means of self-expression in the Visual Arts. Regular sketchbook assignments and some other projects will be expected to be completed outside of class.

Commercial Art This advanced course involved concepts and skills associated with Art as a career and includes work in Advertising and Product Design, Graphic Arts and Architectural Design. The course is offered on alternate years.

*Design & Drawing for Production or Clothing & Interior Design can be used toward a sequence in art.

Advanced Studio This course is more concept-oriented than the foundation courses. We work with ideas in Sculpture Drawing and Painting, Printmaking, Pottery and other Media. Building on the skills that are developed in the Foundation courses, we allow for more creative freedom in the direction that each student takes. This course is offered on alternate years.

Photography The photography class gives students an introduction to black and white photographic processes. Students begin with basic darkroom experiments, build and use their own pinhole camera, and then begin to process film and enlarge images into prints. Discussion topics include photographic chemical processes, photo history, career opportunities and the impact of digital photography.

Independent Study This course was designed for those who have taken everything else that we offer, or cannot fit any of the advanced classes into their schedule. Students are given a list of assignments at the beginning of each quarter and are monitored during the next ten weeks to keep them on track. Each list of assignments includes a short research paper, and several projects that are based on some aspect of the research. Some “open” projects are included during the year.

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