High School General Music

  1. Basic Music Theory

    1. Notational Literacy

    2. Scales

    3. Key Signatures

    4. Intervals

    5. Rhythm/Meter

    6. Triads & Dominate 7th chords

  2. Electronic Keyboard/Piano/Guitar

    1. Individual instruction within a group setting.

    2. Ensemble playing

    3. Improvisational playing

  3. Music History/Appreciation

    1. Periods and Styles

    2. Opera and ballet

    3. Orchestral

    4. Choral

    5. Composers

  4. American Musical Theatre

    1. Historic overview

    2. Early Musicals

    3. Collaborators

    4. Dame Musicals

    5. Rock Muiscals

Music Theory A 40 week course that covers the following: (1) the major scale; (2) intervals; (3) minor scales; (4) rhythm and meter; (5) triads; (6) four part harmony; (7) harmonic analysis and composition.

Senior High Chorus Chorus meets for rehearsal on an every-other-day basis for 40 weeks. Students will learn to sign (in 3-part harmony) a variety of choral compositions -- secular, sacred, contemporary, pop, and show. Students are expected to participate in all formal concerts.

Senior High Band
An instrumental music organization meeting on an every other day basis as a regular class. The program is designed so that students will gain music skills through a sequential program of instruction, weekly individual achievement and group participation. Continuous participation in the program will be based on student behavior, individual progress, and attendance at concerts and parades. Participation at concerts and in parades is mandatory. Failure to meet these requirements will lead to course failure.

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