Construction This course is designed to help the student understand how a residential building is constructed. Students will be introduced to the skills needed to plan and construct a home. Course content will include planning, materials, cost estimating, framing systems, mechanical systems, and finish work. A small storage shed may be produced as a class project.

Production Systems This course provides a study of two major industries - manufacturing and construction. Production Systems explains how companies are organized and managed to produce and sell products as well as to help you understand management, tools, techniques, and processes used in the construction industry.

Computer Aided Design I - Mechanical This is an introductory course designed to introduce the student to computer aided mechanical design. Students will develop problem-solving skills and apply design concepts using modern 3D solid modeling CAD software. The course will emphasize the design development process of a product and how a model of that product is produced, analyzed, and evaluated using a computer aided design package.

Computer Aided Design II - Architectural This course will introduce the student to architectural design by utilizing modern computer aided design software. Students will develop all required plans (floor, plot, foundation, elevations, sections, etc.) and 3D model simulations of typical residential homes. All aspects of home design will be introduced.

Design and Drawing for Production This is an introductory course designed to blend technical drawing, art, and production. Students will be introduced to basic areas of technical drawing (sketching, dimensioning, orthographic, geometric construction, sectional, development, pictorial, etc.) and will apply these drawing types to creative problem solving activities. Students will utilize the design process to develop creative solutions for design problems. Various modeling processes may be used to produce solution prototypes. NOTE: Students may use this course to fulfill their Art/Music requirement.

Material Processing I This course introduces the student to a variety of materials and the processes used to manufacture a product. Materials for processing may include various metals, woods, plastics, fiberglass, and composite materials. Students will produce a variety of projects using hand tools, power tools, and machinery utilized in the manufacturing industries.

Materials Processing II This course will focus on the manufacturing processing of various metals. Metal processing may include bending, forming, threading, casting, fitting, forging, separating, grinding, finishing, brazing, welding, turning, and milling. Students will produce a variety of projects using hand tools, power tools, and machinery utilized in the manufacturing industries.

Industrial Arts Policy Because of the need for safety in the IA complex, it may at times become necessary to remove a student from an Industrial Arts class. If such a situation occurs, the following procedures will be put into effect:

  1. A verbal warning will be given to the student that his/her safety procedures must immediately be improved.

  2. Should improvement not take place, the student will be sent to the high school principal to be placed on detention.

  3. If improvement still does not occur, a conference will be held between the student, a parent, the high school principal and guidance.

  4. Any further violations will result in removal of said student from the class.

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