English 9 R & AR) The development of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills will be integral to these courses. Literature will include short stories, novels, plays , poetry, and non-fiction pieces. Students will have to write essays, literary essays, poetry, dialogue, a variety of “point-of-view” papers and complete a “mini” research project. Complementary areas of poetry analysis, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, etc., will be covered. To pass these courses ® & AR), three conditions must be met. A final average of 70 must be maintained, five (5) approved and accepted book reports must be completed and on file, and all writings designated “mandatory” during the year must be completed and on file.

English 10 R & AR) Employing a range of world literature and a variety of literary genres at appropriate and increasing levels of difficulty, English 10 is structured to reinforce and advance basic language skills. Emphasis is placed on vocabulary development, essay writing, and reading comprehension. Students’ listening, speaking and note-taking skills are exercised daily and evaluated regularly.

English 11 R & AR) All forms of American literature are read with an emphasis on writers who are representative of specific periods in the literary development of America. Class reading includes The Crucible and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Students must also read and report on five (5) full-length works selected from a required reading list. Most writing is analytical; a major research paper is completed during the first semester. Students take the Comprehensive English Regents Exam at the end of the year. An intensive review period is provided during the weeks prior to the exam.

English 12 A course that focuses on listening, speaking, reading and writing as a means to promote critical thinking. Based on an emphasis of British literature, this course is designed to foster the development of personal philosophies. Course work leads to the development of a literary portfolio that includes resumes, cover letters, and personal references.

Advanced Placement English

  1. To be considered for AP English, a student must have an overall English average of 87% (No rounding). This average will be computed using ninth and tenth grade English scores plus two (2) times the English 11 final mark.

  2. To be selected for AP English, a student must be recommended by their 9-11 English teachers. Teacher recommendations will be based on:

    1. Work habits

    2. Responsibility

    3. Attendance

    4. Attitude

  3. Once selected for AP English, a student must complete a required summer reading list. Students who successfully challenge English 11AR may be required to complete additional readings. An evaluation of each students’ understanding of the required readings will be conducted during the first two weeks of school. Students found to be deficient in their knowledge of the required readings will be removed from AP English and placed in English 12AR.

English Course Requirements Students will be required to write five (5) book reports in each year of English. Some teachers may require more, but five (5) is the minimum. Students may be asked to choose a specific genre of book to read (i.e. biography, fiction, play, etc.) or make a “free choice”. Failure to complete this requirement will result in loss of course credit.

Any student doubling English who complete the book report requirement the previous year will not have to fulfill the requirement again for that grade. For example, Student A fails 9th grade English but has written 5 acceptable book reports for that course. The following September, Student A is enrolled in both 9th and 10th grade English. He needs to complete the book requirement for 10th grade English only.

In an effort to encourage students to increase independent reading skills, the English Department will provide designated reading time each week.

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