Algebra 9 AR Algebra 9 AR is a prerequisite for Geometry. Algebraic solutions, such as equation and inequalities, linear functions, and solving quadratic equations, are emphasized at this level. Also, selected geometry topics will be introduced.

Algebra A-1 The first half of Algebra 9 AR covered over the entire year. A school final exam is taken at year’s end.

Algebra A -2 The second half of Algebra 9 AR covered over the entire year. This course is designed to review and reinforce topics of Algebra, Logic and Geometry. Students will be required to take the Integrated Algebra Regents Exam at the end of the course.

Geometry A course to review Algebraic solutions and provide an in-depth study of geometry. The course includes topics of logic, probability, mathematical systems, Euclidean Geometry, Coordinate Geometry and Algebra. Prerequisite: Algebra 9 AR

Math 12 A variety of topics in college level mathematics including advanced Algebra, probability, statistics, Calculus, and analytic Geometry. Prerequisite: Course III/Math B

Calculus A full year of college level calculus is covered. Limits, derivatives, application of derivatives, integration, and techniques of integration are studied in depth. Prerequisite: Math 12.

Algebra II & Trigonometry A Math course covering the following topics: Rational numbers, rational expressions, real numbers, geometry of the circle, relations and functions, transformation geometry and functions, trigonometric functions, trigonometric graphs, exponential functions, logarithmic functions, trigonometric applications, trigonometric equations and identities, and complex numbers. Prerequisite: Integrated Algebra and Geometry. A Regents Exam will be given at the end of the course.

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